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after 4th WTT-event for Anna this year
St.Louis Aces vs Washington Kastles

July 21, 2010

about her 8th WTT season:
Anna: "I am just really happy to be part of the league, because it is a great opportunity for me since I do not play full time on the professional tour. It is a great way for me to be still involved in tennis and be out there in front of the fans."

about playing Doubles:
Anna: "I actually started playing doubles when I was younger, for fun and so we could get more practice time and stuff like that at tournaments. And then I was not putting so much pressure on myself in doubles. I think that is why I was doing a lot better."

about her work with children:
Anna: "Well I have always felt that I had a connection with kids and even when I was in the professional tour we would always do at each tournament these kind of clinics. And once I stopped playing full-time, what I do right now is mostly travel around the country with Boys and Girls Clubs or the USO and their families. The families of the troops, encouraging kids to be active and to stay healthy and promote basically sports."

about the benefits of sports:
Anna: "Sports, when you are little, it teaches you so many things. It teaches you teamwork, it teaches you leadership, discipline, how to set goals, how to achieve goals. And all those things you can use in life."

Does criticism bother her?
Anna: "No, not at all. I mean, I know my results, I know my achievements. I know the players that I have beaten - almost all the number-one players that were playing during my time. And the true tennis fans know my results and stuff and I had a really, really great career. I was really happy. I wish I could [have been] a little healthier back in my playing days, but I am really pleased with my career."

What does the future hold for you?
Anna: "Wow I do not know! Hopefully health. And you know, right now I am just really enjoying time with the kids, traveling around and really giving back a lot. That is what I really enjoy doing now."





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