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Webmaster's opinion
My personal topic-related thoughts about Anna. Any questions?

my answered questions :-) [ offcourt ]
added Oct 10, 2009
"After my "complaint" about not having answered fan questions for more than 2 months, Anna answered MANY questions on October 1st - ALSO 2 QUESTIONS FROM ME :-)))) She said that she isn't the best joke teller and, asked if she would prefer a boy or a girl, she answered: "all that matters is that they are healthy and happy" - the best possible answer. I think the "Ask Anna"-section is one of the most important and best new features on Anna's new website."

ASK ANNA [ offcourt ]
added Sep 20, 2009
"The "Ask Anna"-section was a great development on Anna's official website since its relaunch in May 2008. Since then Anna answered fan questions more or less each and every week. Unfortunately, the last time Anna answered a question was on July 27th. I don't really want to complain about that because Anna still has a quite busy schedule and also needs time for Enrique for sure but, well, once in a month there should be time left to answer questions by the fans. So please Anna, answer our questions, thanx"

Official Retirement Announcement [ tennis ]
added Jul 15, 2009
"I think that Anna should finally make a short but definite official statement that she won't try a comeback to the WTA Tour. I mean it's obvious that she won't come back but from time to time she still says that she doesn't want to exclude a possible pro comeback. Anna, you've played your last Pro Match on the WTA Tour in April 2003...almost 6 1/2 years ago...we know that you won't play professionally again and I am quite sure you know that, too. Why not make a final official announcement? "