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Interview for Women's Health Magazine (November 2011-issue)

September 2011



"Grab my Butt. Squeeze it. Squeeze it hard." Within minutes of my arrival at The Biggest Loser Ranch in Calabasas, California, to interview the show's feisty new trainer - former tennis pro Anna Kournikova - she's encouraging me to paw her world-famous behind. Before I can react, she grabs my hand, plants it on her bum, and begins dipping down in a series of squats.
"See how tight my glutes are?" she asks. Yep - they're as taut as a volleyball. The point of this hard-body show-and-tell (she's also lifted her shirt to reveal and ultra-defined abdomen): to prove her methods pay off. She says that certain exercises - squats and midriff twists, for example - have added curves to what she admits is her naturally boyish shape.

Can anybody become fitter?
Anna: "Anyone can change their body. But you have to work for it."

about being judged in the past:
Anna: "I've been judged my whole life. People always expected amazing things from me. They raise you up, then bring you down, and it's not easy to deal with. Judgment is judgment, whether you're obese, or too skinny, or not athletic enough."

life after tennis:
Anna: "I started learning who I am as a person - not Anna the tennis player."

U.S. citizenship:
Anna: "The minute I got my passport, I was able to go on USO trips."

about her mom Alla:
Anna: "My mom pushed me hard. It was very, very difficult. But I realized why she was doing that and said thank you. She wanted to make a better life for me and our family."

what qualifies her for the TBL job:
Anna: "I've worked with the best nutritionists, psychologists, and coaches in the world. All that stuff is stored right here and is, like, bursting out."

Marriage upcoming?
Anna: "Marriage isn't important to me. I'm in a happy relationship - that's all that matters. I believe in commitment. I believe in being open and trusting each other and respecting each other completely."

Kids one day?
Anna: "I absolutely want to have children, whether I have my own or adopt. I love taking care of people. "

Anna: "I'd rather have a brownie than waste calories on (a beverage). Sometimes you want bubbles (Diet coke, Diet Sprite). For energy during the day, I'll have carbs. But at night, it's lean and green. It's OK to have a chocolate cookie - just not 20 thousand of them!"

Anna: "When you're working out, you're going to be sweating, even if your skin is dry. It's (Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50 PA) like a primer. Put it on, let it absorb for a couple of minutes, and it gives this beautiful matte finish. If I'm doing something really physical, like running, I braid my hair so it doesn't get tangled."





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