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shooting for MAXIM in Miami

spring 2010



The sexiest Sports Star in history has strutted her stuff on the courts of Wimbledon and in the pages of this here magazine. She's also become the hottest military pinup since Betty Grable was titillating Troops during World War II. Here Anna talks about working with servicemen overseas, her relationship status, and what it's like to finally be an american girl.

After living in America for most of your life, you finally became a citizen. What took you so long?
Anna: "You know, I've always considered myself half Russian and half American. It never seemed to really matter if I had a passport or not. But when I started working with the USO and the troops overseas, it just seemed the logical next step."

So if you had to pick just one...
Anna: "No, don't make me pick! I'm terrible with commitment. I can't commit to something an hour from now, let alone tomorrow."

Well, you're committed to the USO.
Anna: "Yeah, I really love what they do for the troops. In 2008 I first went to a base in Guam, and since then I've gone to Germany, Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs."

What's it like going into a war zone?
Anna: "You can read about it or watch it on TV, but once you're down there in Iraq or Afghanistan and see what's going on... It's just incredible. And I don't think I've ever met nicer or more respectful people than in the military."

How does it feel to be one of the most popular Army pinups ever?
Anna: "I love it. I have the best fans, and it was really cool to see that they'd have pictures from my tennis days and my Maxim shoots up on their walls."

You've been coy about your relationship status in the past, but we have to ask: Are you single?
Anna: "Single as in on paper? Yes, but I'm in a relationship."

With a certain Latin pop star?
Anna: "Yes."

We were watching a viral video that supposedly showed Enrique Iglesias water-skiing naked because he'd lost a bet on the World Cup.
Anna: "I cannot confirm or deny. Let's put it this way: Enrique loves water-skiing, and he's a man of his word."

Enrique is Spanish, and Russia didn't make the World Cup this year, so were you rooting for Spain?
Anna: "I was rooting for America! I was so sad when they lost, but they did an incredible job, But in the final, yes, I was rooting for Spain. I was outnumbered, so I couldn't really root for anyone else."

You still play a lot of tennis. Are you a sports fan?
Anna: "Yeah, I follow soccer, and I love the Miami Heat, since they're my home team. When LeBron made his decision there was definitely a lot of celebrating. Now we just have to see the results."

You played doubles at Wimbledon this year. Are you still tight with the players on the tennis tour?
Anna: "I keep in touch with a lot of the girls. I mean, I love being involved in tennis, and I always will be. It gave me my life."

Sports Illustrated recently called Serena Williams the best female tennis player ever. What do you think?
Anna: "That's so hard! Obviously you can't forget people like Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf. When I beat Steffi, I was the happiest person in the world. I was like, "I can't believe this is happening to me and I'm only 16 years old!" But what Serena has achieved, being up there for so long, she's probably the best. She's also a great girl and a really good friend."

What about the men? If you could choose one mixed-doubles partner, who would it be?
Anna: "If I had to pick, I would go with Andre Agassi. When I was a little girl training at the Bollettieri Tennis Academy, we'd all watch in complete silence when he practiced. I love his personality, I love him as a tennis player, I love him as a humanitarian."

Final question. Given the story about Anna Chapman this year: How do we know you're not a sexy Russian spy?
Anna: "Ha. I am for peace and truth and honesty, and I don't think I could keep my cover up if I were a spy. I tend to give too many things away with my eyes. Having said that...maybe I am!"





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