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Inteview for COSMOPOLITAN magazine (Russia)

October 2009



Anna Kournikova: "I'm sure everyone has the right to make mistakes!"

Our correspondent was going to pile tons of questions about pregnancy on Anna, but instead of that she got to know a lot about relations, charity, bringing up children, envy, tennis, depression and even… mayonnaise! She found out Anna had no signs of the so-called star illness , and that's great!

What is the silliest gossip about you you have ever heard?
Anna: "They are all stupid, absolutely all! Once they say I've made a plastic surgery on my nose, then they say I've done one on breasts, then ? that I'm pregnant?"

Well, that means you?re NOT pregnant?
Anna: "No way! Father called me not so long ago, and he said "Listen, I've read that you're pregnant, on the second months and you're expecting a girl..." Where the hell was such a roentgen device invented to discover baby's sex at the second month? Well, I understand why do such things happen, it's a job for a certain type of journalists. I didn't choose sport as my job for the sake of my own fame only. I know it's a typical situation, but I'm not like that."

And I think you?re very open and sincere...
Anna: "99 per cent of people who meet me think so. If I do an interview or a photoshoot, I always do my best. I communicate with everybody and I open up! I do so quite rarely, so I can allow that to myself. I've been doing hard physical work for many years ? look, I still have corns on my hands."

Have you ever tried smoking?
Anna: "Yes, but long ago. I think many teens have done something they would regret later. I'm sure everyone has the right to make mistakes. However, they ought not be fatal and it's important that one carries a lesson out of them."

Can you cook?
Anna: "Well, I can cook some simple dishes. I wish I knew how to make borsch. But I have special recipe for pancakes, got it from my grandfather. Enrique loves those pancakes very much, when he was in Moscow, he ate the ones my grandfather made."

Do you deal with the housework routine?
Anna: "Constantly! Do the washing-up, wash the linen... But I never wash floor, that's too much for me to handle? We have a maid who cleans the house once a week and I like to keep the house tidy. That's just a part of my lifestyle."

Do you miss something Russian here, in United States?
Anna: "I love sauerkraut much..."

And after that you say that you?re not pregnant?!
Anna: "I just like everything salty! I can empty a whole salt-cellar for a one meal only. Also I have a major sweettooth. Oh! I love a lot the Russian sour cream. So thick and sour. Abroad it has a synthetic taste. Love the true Russian mayonnaise. In general ? just everything I remember since my childhood. I prefer the food to be plain, but tasty."

Have something to be proud of?
Anna: "I cherish Russian sportive tradition and discipline. Love the culture, just look how many educated people we have! And the history! Guess the whole lifetime isn't enough to study it. What about painting, about artists, about the language! One can find ten or even more synonyms to each English word."

That means your children are going to be brought up in the Russian culture?
Anna: "Undoubtedly!"

And Spanish culture?
Anna: "I won't forget about it too."

Do you have your favorite writer?
Anna: "I've read everything written by Tolstoy; adore Pushkin, also liked verses by Esenin when I was younger. Generally, I'm keen on Russian classic literature. The perfect examples are "Anna Karenina" and "War and Peace". Classics will never go out of fashion, just like a little black dress."

What was the last thing you learned?
Anna: "Every day I learn something new, even if it's just a new word. I'm not afraid of asking and wondering and I always tell that to the children I work with: don't be shy, don't be afraid to admit your mistake. It's not so scary not to know something if you are willing to get to know it. I like studying and I catch everything on the fly."

Many girls have a crush for Enrique. Doesn?t that get on your nerves?
Anna: "I think that is difficult to deal with for him, too. Our situation is the same so we understand each other perfectly. We're together for eight years already and we have a trust between us. The trust and respect are the basis for building a relationship. Without those components the maximum such relation can last is approximately a year. We're together for a long time and I hope we do everything in a right way."

Have you got your special secret of how to conquer a man?
Anna: "For me it's always a rule "Be yourself" that works. Because you can pretend to be someone else for a week, for a month, but not for a very long time. If you can't be yourself with your partner, than thin, do you really need it all?"

All right. And now, maybe, you will reveal your secret of how to look well in case you didn?t get enough sleep?
Anna: "Good sense of humor, many facial creams, make-up and smile. You become a host of your mood when you make yourself smile."

Have you ever had depression?
Anna: "Yes. Everyone has his or her own rainy days at life. For now I'm only 28, I'm just beginning to understand myself better, love and respect myself a little bit more. It's very important to have people who can give you support when you need it ? these are mother, father, my relations, friends and so on."

Remember yourself 10 years ago. What has changed in you?
Anna: "Well? I grew up. However, I still have lots of plans for the future. Ten years ago I was a child and in some aspects of my life I'm still a child."

Have you ever been jealous of someone?
Anna: "Yes, I've been. You know, there are such wonderful, amazing people, you look at them and you think: "Oh, how lucky they are!" But I never felt a kind of "black" envy. It's important to be able to appreciate what you have. And it's only you who's responsible for that. To spoil it or to improve ? it's only your choice. Jealousy is, in fact, useless. You'd better go and do something."

Is there clothes you would never put on?
Anna: "I don't know, actually, the main thing for me is to feel comfortable."

You?ve been wearing this shoes today, they don?t look like comfortable at all.
Anna: "But they are comfortable. I can sacrifice something for the sake of fashion and wear extravagant clothes. But in everyday life I would never do so. I never apply make-up for a daytime, but if I do it for an evening out, I take it all seriously."

Do you often do sports?
Anna: "Almost every day. Gym is kinda therapy for me. I never mind the size of clothes or weight, the only thing that matters ? to be fit and healthy."

Would you like to act in a film? Say... in Tarantino?s?
Anna: "Oh, I'm not so ambitious, although my relations often say that I could be a great actress. If I would like to get to Hollywood, I'd find teachers, I'd take scenic speech lessons and so on. When you do something, it should be done professionally."

Will you send your children to sport section?
Anna: "Of course! Football, hockey, chess, tennis... When children are small, they should constantly be busy doing something. Look at my brother ? he's training as a young jockey now, also he plays golf, tennis and studies Spanish and French."

Do you believe in family life?
Anna: "You mean the official registration of relationship? That just doesn't matter for me. Everyone has the right for his or her own choice."

And what about your grandmother? Isn?t she upset cause of the absence of marriage stamp in your passport?
Anna: "She's 72 already; I can't say she's very happy cause of this. But sometimes it seems she loves Enrique even more than me, really! They perfectly understand each other even though Enrique doesn't speak Russian and my Granny doesn't know a single word in English. But let's be back to our marriage discussion. I think that people are to do this choice only by themselves. If you two get on well, trust and respect each other, stamp will mean nothing for you. And I'm not one of the girls who are crazy about the wedding and the white dress."

It?s hard to believe you won?t have a luxurious wedding.
Anna: "I never tried to imagine my wedding. We feel good together, Enrique will always support me. We understand each other fairly well. Nevertheless, we have individual career and we're independent people."

And do you ever argue?
Anna: "It's better than to keep something back. Couples should be able to find compromises. For example, I like green color, and he likes blue. What color should we paint the wall in?"

What?s your attitude to paparazzi?
Anna: "They caught us in Paris not so long ago, that was for the first time in the last six months. Enrique was working there, and he got some time to spare. I love Paris much. For a day off we could do nothing, cause paparazzi kept chasing us. We could see the sights only from the car window, but that didn't upset me much. We were together and that's marvelous."

Are you a happy woman?
Anna: "Ask me about hat when I'll turn 80."


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