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Launch of "Showdown of Champions 2009" tennis exhibition in Kuala Lumpur
Anna, the event ambassador

October 26, 2009



What does she think about this tennis exhibition?:
Anna: "I'm really excited to be part of the Showdown Of Champions 2009. I think it will benefit Malaysia, and Malaysians are fortunate to be able to witness such an event. I'm sure people from China will root for Zheng Jie and India will follow Sania's performance. I will be rooting for Elena and Maria. For Asians to catch up with the Russians, they should be exposed to more international events such as this, as it would create awareness and attracts the young generation to play tennis."

Does she miss playing on the Pro Tour?:
Anna: "Yes, of course, I do, particularly playing in front of a cheering 20,000 spectatators. Besides modelling, I am also actively involved in charity work, particularly AIDS prevention programs among children. Obviously, I miss playing tennis. How can I not miss the game? I've been playing (tennis) since I was five years old and I've been playing the game for 23 years of my life. There are moments I miss, playing in front of 20,000 people, playing a night match and playing 7-6 in a third (set). But when I look back, I am really happy with the way I played. I played some amazing games. But it's a different life now and there's so much out there for me to do and help contribute to society. I have reached a point where I can be very picky and choosy with what I want to do."

Does she like malaysian men:
Anna: "It is all about the person and it has nothing to do about race."

Own children in the future?:
Anna: "Someday. Maybe 20 years from now. Anything is possible."

Anna visited the National Tennis Center, Jalan Duta, and gave advices to a group of Malaysian tennis junior players:
Anna: "The only way for you to succeed at top-level tennis is by embracing the sport as a way of life, remain focused and make a lot of sacrifices. I started playing tennis since the age of five as it was part of the culture in Russia to play and be active in sports from young. Before I reached my teens, I had uprooted myself and was enrolled in a tennis academy (Nick Bollettieri school in Florida). So it became a part of my daily routine. Tennis has given me my life and I'm giving back to tennis by lending my name and support to various causes worldwide."





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