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Interview with german SportBILD

June 3, 2009



About Tennis:
Anna: "Tennis is still one of the most important parts of my life. Almost everything I do has to do with Tennis. The sport gave me my life. Most of all, I try to bring kids to the sport."

Miss Kournikova, you've finished your career on the WTA Tour six years ago. How much do you miss playing Tennis on the Tour?
Anna: "I definitely miss the competition, the adrenaline rush you get when you play in front of so many people. Plus I miss the strategic aspect of Tennis. You are alone on the court and you have to find a way to win the match. Nothing feels as good as winning a big match. It is really hard to find something off the court you can compare with that."

How often do you play these days?
Anna: "Still on a regular basis - three to four times a week. It depends on the weather in Miami. It can be very windy and rainy on the beach, especially during rain season. I love playing show matches at World TeamTennis League. I am going to play six times for the St.Louis Aces this season and I am really looking forward to that."

You'll be playing at the Warsteiner Champions Trophy in Halle on June 6th. How is it to play in Germany?
Anna: "Germany has always been a country with very sport-enthusiastic people. They have a great knowledge about sports, many tennis fans and great Tennis locations. Many famous tennis players come from germany. I had a lot of fun with Graf, Huber, Becker and Kiefer, just to mention some of them. They've been on tour with me at the same time and so I had the chance to spend a lot of time with them. On and off the court."

How do you keep in shape?
Anna: "I work out almost every day. I play Tennis, like I said, three to four times a week. I go to the gym for power workout. And I like jogging, work on my crosstrainer. It is important for me to sweat every day and to move my body in any way. It just feels great and it is something that I do since I was five years old. It is part of my daily routing."

How fit are you today compared back to the times on Tour?
Anna: "The workout is completely different now compared to the times when I played on the Tour. Back then it was more about strenght and stroke power. And of course, I was more often on the court."

Who do you consider to be the best female players?
Anna: "I really love watching Venus and Serena Williams play. Not only because we are friends, because it is amazing to watch them as athletes. They are so strong and outstanding competitors. They are great for the sport of Tennis."

Who has the best fashion style?
Anna: "I think that all girls on Tour have their own individual style, on and off the court. Tennis outfits evolved rapidly over the years. It is cool to see which outfits they wear. All the lively colors and styles."

You always got a lot of attention in the past - and you still get today. How do you handle that?
Anna: "I am a public person since I was nine years old. So I do not know anything else."

How are the paparazzis in Miami?
Anna: "Not so bad, even on the beach it is pretty relaxed. I do not have big problems. Nobody chases me here all the time like in Los Angeles. I notice them from time to time but that is part of the job and I do not mind."





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