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Interview after Nautica South Beach Triathlon

April 5, 2009



about Triathlon participations:
Anna: "K-Swiss suggested that I get involved. Last year was my first triathlon and it was here in South Beach. I then ran another one in Malibu and this was my third... I've visited St. Jude's main headquarters in Memphis several times and it's wonderful what they do. It takes a million dollars a day to maintain their primary hospital. They don't turn away any of the kids that are sick. It's really an incredible institution and I'm proud to be running and helping and supporting them."

the travel to Haiti for PSI:
Anna: "It was sad and interesting and devastating. To think that Haiti is only a hour-and-a-half away from Miami is enlightening."

her work with kids:
Anna: "I've been an ambassador for the Boys and Girls Clubs for the past four or five years. I travel around the country, talk in schools and encourage kids to get active and stay active. We just partnered with Cartoon Network and did a promo trip in New York for the Red Rover Ball campaign. For me it's all about working with the kids...I guess that I'm a kid at heart. They just need a little attention. They're so curious and innocent. I've been getting some really amazing feedback and that just encourages me to do more."

Anna: "What's not to love about Miami? It's absolutely perfect. I've lived here since '97...I don't really do the club scene. I love the water and I tend to eat at the same four or five places, the classics, not the restaurants that just open and close. I go to Smith and Wollensky, China Grill, Capital Grill."





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