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press conference
Trip to GUAM (West Pacific)

October 28, 2008



Anna about coming to GUAM:
Anna: "You know I got a list of locations where I could go and Guam seemed to be the furthest one, so [lauhgs] I thought that would be great. I've never been in this part of the world and it's really - I was shocked when we landed yesterday, how beautiful it is and how warm it is and how nice the people are. I'm really looking forward to my whole stay here. I'm just so excited - I was just so excited this morning, I was up at 4 a.m. and reading my schedule - all the bases that I'm gonna visit and all the hospitals, all the schools and just really looking forward to it - really looking forward to educating myself a lot about the military and visiting the kids, having fun with them. We're also giving out.... - sorry, it's a long answer to a question [lauhgs]...I'm on a role [lauhgs]...We're also giving out about 4.000 pieces of clothing and shoes from K-Swiss that we brought over here with us. So it's going to be a little goodies and gifts, you can say for Helloween instead of candy for kids and stuff. I like to thank you know K-Swiss supporting and donating 4.000 of clothing and of, you know gear, sports gear of clothing and shoes and we're gonna be giving that out. I'm so excited to get educated about everything and visit and learn and, just looking forward to it."

About the military and she wants to pass it on to the kids:
Anna: "Everything as much as I can, I'm really looking forward to going on the submarine [lauhgs], really getting to know how everything works and you know I know that military is obviously - it's so much discipline. You know being an athlete it's a lot of discipline also and often they compared it to. I just would like to see it from the insight - you know it's what keeps us safe. Military is what gives us the freedom to live the lives that we have and it's just very very interesting from my standpoint or from a young person's point of view to see it. I'll be telling - I hope I'll have some great stories to tell to kids back home, to kids that I work with back home and educate them about what I saw here and how grateful they should be for having what we have. It's all thanx to the military. It's going to be a lof of information. I HOPE it's gonna be difficult remember everything I'm sure, especially on my first day today but I have pretty good memories. I try to store as much as I can to take back home and try to pass that on to young kids all over America."

Anna's current aim is...:
Anna: "I've always been kind of a kid at heart myself. I started playing Tennis professionally when I was really really young, when I was 14. I kind of missed out on being like a little kid and going to school regularly. So for me now spending time with kids is almost like I'm going back into my childhood. But at the same time, Tennis gave me so much and the Sport just gave me so much that I always wanted to give something back and help around. For me it's been my goal to educate kids about health and being active and being involved in things whether it's Tennis, whether it's soccer, whether it's painting, something. As long as they're not on the streets, as long as they have goals and as long as they're doing good things in a positive way and not getting into bad stuff. I think if kids have a road to follow, or ambition, or if they have thing that they're passionate about it will keep them out of harms way and so that's what kind of I really like - that I can make difference. If I can influence even, you know, 5 kids - it's great. I think I did a great job. Whatever it is that they wanna do, as long as they stay involved and out of bad stuff. So that's what important to me."

focusing on Sports and Education:
Anna: "It's very difficult to become a professional athlete whether it's Tennis or some other sport. I think the most important is to be passionate about, to love it but also at the same time I think you have to be sensible and reasonable where you can only try to become a professional athlete - you also have to make sure that you still focus on education because a lot of times what happens when kids wanna become professional athletes they kind of let the education go and when their attempts to become a professional athlete don't work out they don't have much to fall back on. And that's kind of difficult. So I think it's very important to focus on both you know - sports and education."

Which organizations Anna is working with:
Anna: "Oh yeah. I work with Boys and Girls Club of America back home in ?land and I really wanted to do something for kids outside of America but still - there is America and then...we got in contact with USO and it was a great opportunity to visit american kids and their families and the military, so it was perfect fit for me."

Would you like to come back to Guam:
Anna: "Well, absolutely. Now that I've seen how amazing it is [lauhgs]. I should come back for a vacation."





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