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Anna about her 1st Triathlon

April 2008



(Before the race) When did you first decide to enter the South Beach Triathlon as part of a relay? Have you done any other endurance events in the past?
Anna: "I'm a spokeswoman for K-Swiss and they approached me with the idea of participating in the Nautica South Beach Triathlon. K-Swiss knows that I like to run as part of my regular exercise routine, so they asked me to be a part of their relay team. I have not competed in any other endurance events in the past, so I'm excited about participating in my first triathlon. Plus it's for a great cause – St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital."

(Before the race) Who else will be competing on your relay team?
Anna: ""I have a couple of great partners for the race -- Dara Torres will be competing in the swimming portion. She is the first swimmer from the USA to compete in four Olympics and she has won nine Olympic medals. Katya Myers is a professional triathlete and has been in the pro ranks for three years. She is going to be doing the biking portion of the race."

(Before the race) Any expectations for the four-mile run, or are you just doing it to finish?
Anna: "I have no set expectations – just want to finish and do a good job. More importantly, I hope that our team's participation can help raise awareness for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital."

(Before the race) What kind of triathlon-specific training have you done to prepare? Obviously, as a professional tennis player, you were already incredibly fit, but did you have to make any big changes in your daily training regimen?
Anna: "I have a regular exercise regimen that includes running, walking and weights – a good mixture of activity that keeps it fresh and exciting for me. I haven't made any big changes in my daily routine. I'm just going to stay focused and do the best that I can."

(Before the race) Should we expect to see you at a few more triathlons in the future?
Anna: "You never know. We'll see how I do in this first one."

(After the event) What did you think of the event? Were you pleased with your teams result?
Anna: "I thought the triathlon was fun and I had a great time. I was happy with our results – I came in 28:59 and the team time was 01:32:25, so I think the K-Swiss Team did a pretty good job considering this was our first time. Plus, I think we were successful in raising awareness and vital funds for St. Jude's Children's Hospital."

(After the event) What other sports do you enjoy, aside from Tennis and running? What's your favorite sport to watch?
Anna: "I enjoy doing pilates and yoga and I love being in the water.I also love to watch professional basketball - I'm a big Miami Heat fan and try to catch a few games whenever I am in town."





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