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Searching for Anna - phone Interview

winter 2007/2008



Anna when told that she's considered a major factor in tennis' last 40 years:
Anna: "It's a lot of credit; I don't know if I deserve that. I'm just happy that I brought in a different audience. I did bring in the teenagers and the college boys that never watch anything besides football and the NBA. I think I was able to bring in new support, new fans, new people. I'm proud of what I did, how far I've come from where I was. I've achieved a lot and it was hard earned."

About moving to America:
Anna: "It was the Soviet Union back then and it was the early '90s. Looking back, it was different opening the doors because my mom didn't know much. We had to go along and learn and try to make the right decisions. My mom was just 28 when we came to America and she had no idea about business or Dollars or contracts. That's basically like me, in two years, going to China and trying to make a life with a little child and without speaking the language. It's crazy, looking back on it."

"She's never won a Singles Title"...:
Anna: "Should I have won a tournament? In an ideal world, I should have. If you look at the record I have beaten 5 (former) No. 1 players. I mean, have I been unlucky, yes. But I've been lucky, too. For me, it was about being an artist on the court which sounds stupid because a lot of times I lost just because I was too creative. 'Should I hit an angle or a drop shot?' I could do them both. I wish sometimes I would have played stupider and simpler and not thought so much."

Should Anna have played at low-level tournaments just to win one of them?:
Anna: "I was so young that I didn't make those decisions about where the hell I'm going to be playing. It was my mom or my manager. As much as I looked - because on the outside I tried to show that I'm in control and in charge - I wasn't really."

Anna about Maria Sharapova:
Anna: "It was probably worse for her to be compared to me. We're both Russian, both blond, both play tennis, both started at a young age. I would be the first to say that everyone has their own thing, their own personality. Everyone is an individual and it should stay that way. I just feel that she should get her own credit. She's amazing."

The disadvantages of being a full-time celebrity:
Anna: "The other day I was in my pool and I looked up and there were two boats floating next to me with cameras. That's just a complete invasion of privacy and it happens every weekend. The world of entertainment is very different from the world of sport."

Anna looking back...:
Anna: "I really had no idea who I was at 18. I was on top of the world but I had no clue what was going on. I do know if I wasn't good enough on the court, then I wouldn't have gotten as much attention for, supposedly, my beauty. There's a gazillion girls ranked 100, 200 that are cute. I got lucky that I had a little bit of everything."


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