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Interview with A&F

November 25, 2007



Last Sunday (November 25th) pop singer Enrique Iglesias gave a concert in Moscow. Anna accompanied him in this return to her native country. She had an exclusive conversation about her life with "A&F"

Anna, do you have any problem in everyday's life with all this excessive popularity of yours?
Anna: "Not today. I'm always ready to some certain attitude to my person, I'm ready to some questions, sights, attacks... It's hard to catch me."

Do you have any regrets after putting your sports career to an altar of love?
Anna: "I met Enrique in 2001, and I continued to play for two years after that. So there were no victims at all. I'd continue playing if I hadn't all these terrible injuries."

What can you tell us about your life with Enrique?
Anna: "I'm not talking about private life even with my own parents. It's so ridiculous to read about myself: Kournikova got married today, and tomorrow she's divorced, and the day after tomorrow she's pregnant, or made a breast surgery, or gained some weight, then lost some... For the sixth day I'm having an affair with someone, for seventh Enrique cheats on me. What a nonsense! And next week we have all these news in the same boring sequence. I'm already used to live with all this. I can tell you one thing: we're together for more then five years, and we are fine."

Every star is a source of energy, so as source of a life. But if you're too close to its light can burn you. Is it easy for you to be with Enrique all the time?
Anna: "I have my own simple way - I just step back, you know, to the background . All my life I was the first one, and now it's a pleasure for me to be behind Enrique's back. And there's no 'burning myself in someone's light', it's just love and ease. The dream of my life was to care about someone, and now I have it."

Tell us about Enrique in everyday's life.
Anna: "Well he's very sociable person, he loves to be in a company and at the same time he likes to be alone. When he's working, it's better not disturb him."

What do you both have in common except of your love?
Anna: "We are very hazardous and active persons. We both know when and how to be in the center of people's attention and when to stop and have some rest. We have the same universal values like trust, or friendship. We both have people who were our friends since our childhood. It means a lot."

There's a thing that Enrique was very shy at school...
Anna: "Oh, it's a nightmare that he still can turn red and be very shy. And only the stage is a place where he feels relaxed. [At his concert Enrique seemed comfortable indeed: he drank vodka, invited girls on a stage, he embraced and kissed them...Though the singer gave a warning in the beginning of a concert: "I'm here with my wife!"]"

Did you give him some tennis lessons?
Anna: "For five years we were on court just once. He plays very well. But he prefers football and basketball. Enrique likes sport very much, and he's perfect in sports such as mountain or water ski, snowboard and surfing."

Anya, is there any recipe to avoid depression? In fact, in Russia it's not so sunny as Miami.
Anna: "As for me, the sprint helps perfectly to avoid depression. After a good workout all bad things are gone, and your head and body are clear. Each person should have his own safe ways. Remember, it's harmful to be sad for a long time! To keep brains clean is possible both with the favorite book, or some aerobic exercises, or good wine. It helps to look at everything in the world in a completely new and pure way."

Anya, please, some advise: what is better to young couples, to get married or just to live together?
Anna: "I think, it's a very individual point. The main thing is the desire to be together and to make each other happy. I know one thing - the piece of paper with some seal means nothing to me."

In the beginning of your career you have found that there were a lot of lesbian tennis players. What about today's tennis, what do you think?
Anna: "It never concerned me. Probably, such things occurred because of some haplessness of tennis players. This is very hard for everyone, especially for women - to live without love for 11 months a year and to be in a distance from your home for so long. In fact love as such is much better than some constant family fights, or hatred, or cheating."

Are you happy with your finances? How much money is necessary for being happy?
Anna: "I have enough to live, I have what to eat, and I'm able to help my parents - this 'setting' can satisfy all the needs of normal person. Millionaires can spend millions a week, but can it help to be calm and happy? My grandmother lives spending fifty dollars per week, and she is pleased with her life and she doesn't want to move somewhere and leave her friends and neighbors. Happiness is not money, and even not in it's quantity, happiness is health and chance to love and help your family."

Anya, explain to us the psychology of blondes: Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have everything, and millions of dollars, but they're always in troubles - with alcohol, or drugs, or prisons, or their children are taken away...
Anna: "But you' ve named those two who's most...most... These girls are obvious less of education, they're a little bit crazy and their blond curls are false... They're not typical, there's just couple of them! Tell me why didn't you mention some natural blondes who live in a right way? Who works hard, creates masterpieces in music, or cinema, or sports and who is, not like these two divas, puts on her underwear."

Your mum gave birth to a child some years ago. Do you have any contacts with her now? In fact you had some conflicts...
Anna: "Me and my mum are in perfect relationships. My younger brother Alan is three. In the USA three days before my departure to Moscow they came to visit me. This boy is so cute [Anna said about him "lapochka"]!"

Did you ever think about your own babies?
Anna: "I have kind a mixed feeling: you may dream about a baby for now and then you're spending like just few hours in a company of such a little fidget - and all that you want is to wait a little - for example, for ten years. Alan was enough to me, he came into the room - and immediately his fingers are almost in the socket. Just a nightmare and hurricane. You should be ready to that."

What anchors are necessary for the one who doesn't want to lose himself in the life's ocean of passions?
Anna: "I think very important is raising the child by the whole family in love and tenderness. This is the thing my parents, grandmothers and grandfathers gave me. And if you have such a foundations as a base then you will pass through all tests of your life."


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