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Interview while being in Rio de Janeiro

November 6, 2007



About Gustavo Kuerten:
Anna: "I know that in the last three or four years he's been suffering with injuries, but he has a kot of charisma. He used to play really good and had great style, I hope that he keeps trying. I'm pretty sure he inspired a lot of young Brazilian people."

Comeback to the Pro Tour?:
Anna: "It would be hard to go back and play as a professional. I don't know If I'm healthy enough to do that. I'm already 26 years old, so I have to take a decision soon. Physically as an athlete, it becomes harder each day. I'm getting old - It's over [joking]."

Martina Hingis, caught in an antidoping test for use of cocaine:
Anna: "I knew what happened from a newspaper some days ago. I don't know what to think. Sometimes, newspaper are wrong and that's their version. Martina is one of the best friends I have from my tennis days. I called her and left a message, she didn't return. I imagine she must be busy these days. I was traveling and I heard about the case just two days ago from newspapers and Internet. I can't say anything because I haven't talked to her. I left a message on her cellphone, but we haven't talked yet."

Maria Sharapova:
Anna: "I never played against her. When I was playing professionally she was only beginning. I barely saw her in any tournaments. She doing well and deserves all the great things she's achieving."

Why she never won a singles tournament:
Anna: "There were a lot of factors. Sometimes I played bad, other times I had to play really strong players. I also didn't have luck. I guess that all the factors that could go good were never united in my favor."

New life style:
Anna: "I'm happy. I don't do photoshoots like this one everyday. I play tournaments to raise money for charity too. I don't regret anything."

Anna: "I've been here quite a few times. The first time I've been here I guess I was 15 years old. I like Rio de Janeiro very much. Two years ago I played here and I felt really bad that I had to leave the game because I had a problem with my hand. People were really nice to me at the time. I love brazilian food, especially the sea food dishes. I want to come back to get to know Rio's carnaval."

Scandal of bets:
Anna: "I was shocked. I didn't know you could bet at tennis. I thought you could only bet in horses and this kid of stuff. It's sad to see a really beautiful sport having its reputation tarnished. It's really sad. I hope that the tennis players can do their job without worrying about that."

Kids?, marriage?:
Anna: "Now it's not the right time, but when right time comes I want to get married and have kids. I love children."





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