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Enrique-Interview in BLICK (SUI)

October 2007



LONDON - He has to know that. When it comes to relationships, Latin Lover Enrique Iglesias (32) is an expert. At least, he and Ex-Tennis-Vamp Anna Kournikova (26) are a couple. And he knows the women from Switzerland.

How do you like to be talked to? Enrique or Mr. Iglesias?
Enrique: "Enrique. Definitely."

Enrique, you have a concert in Zurich on October 30th. How's your knowledge about Switzerland?
Enrique: "I know Switzerland quite well. I had a girlfriend from Switzerland once. She left me."

Oh. Why?
Enrique: "I don't know. She never told me. As a kid, I was skiing and snowboarding in Switzerland quite often. You have the most beautiful mountains. And the most multi-cultural audience. The fact that you unite so many cultures makes you very open-minded and international."

How do you like the women of Switzerland?
Enrique: "They're beautiful, sincere and open-minded."

You've been together with the former tennisstar and model Anna Kournikova (26) for five years. Reportedly, it's over right now.
Enrique: "That's absolutely bullshit / crap. We're still a couple. I often get misquoted."

Your relationship advice?
Enrique: "[laughing archly] Having a tough argumentations / verbal fighting each month."

Are you jealous?
Enrique: "No. But that doesn't mean that I don't care if somebody gives Anna the come-on [from dictionary]. If that happens, I distract myself / turn my focus on other things."

How do you do that?
Enrique: "With music. And I write songs."

You've been working on your new album "Insomniac" for three years. Why did it take so long?
Enrique: "I am a maniac when it comes to songwriting and the production of my songs. I needed that much time and sometimes it was very hard. I've been working in the nights and have slept during the days."

"Insomniac" means sleeplessness. Do you have sleepless nights?
Enrique: "Yes, I had and still have sleeping problems. I was hyperactive as a kid. Nowadays I use the sleeplessness to make music."

Your songs "Do you know" and "Tired To Being Sorry" are always playing on the radio stations. What's the reason for the big success of this album?
Enrique: "It's pretty simple. I started this project with a lot of seriousness / earnest. I wanted to mix a respectable repertoire with influences like Hip-Hop and electronic beats. After that, I chose those songs I really liked out of the 40 songs that I wrote. It's an honest album. Full of my heart and soul."

Who listens to your songs first? Anna or your father Julio?
Enrique: "None. My producer and my record company. The people that are very close to me listen to the songs by chance, when I play them at home."

Your mole in the face is gone. Why?
Enrique: "It was never a real mole. It was just a dummy."


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