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Enrique-Interview for QUIEN-Mag (Mex)

June 15, 2007



There are always a lot of rumors about your relationship with Anna, where do you think they come from?
Enrique: "I don't know from where they create the stories. They have created all kinds of stories, including that they found the guy who married us. Sometimes they don't investigate things well and they ask stupid things."

But the relationship is still alive...
Enrique: "It's difficult, but everything is ok. It doesn't bother me to talk about my personal life when I'm with someone that I feel comfortable with, but you have to have a balance. Sometimes I have to talk about my private life, so they'll ask about my new CD."

In a relationship you have moments of achievements, infatuation, stability. In what moment are you now?
Enrique: "There's no perfect relationship. All of the relationships are screwed in one way. If there's a girl that I can say was/is my girlfriend, that girl is Anna. I don't like to put someone I don't trust in my life or in my house, it has to be someone that I can really be myself. It's not easy to understand me and to keep a relationship health it takes a lot of time."

Do you think you're a difficult person?
Enrique: "I like being alone. People around me understands it because I'm like this since I was a kid. Other women have broke-up with me because of that, I tell you!"

Is Anna critical about your work?
Enrique: "She's the worst person I can ask! She says what she thinks because she loves me and he feels proud of me. And she buys my CDs and I tell her 'How can you go out to buy my CD? What will people think?' because you know people recognize her, what a shame [laughs]!"

How do you spend your time together?
Enrique: "She's someone you can take everywhere and you'll have fun, she doesn't care. She's one of those girls you say 'Tomorrow we'll jump parachutes' and she's the first to do it."

So things are wonderful for you guys...
Enrique: "I can't be bad/mad to Anna because I don't like to see her cry, that kills me. If there's one thing that Anna surely deserves is to be happy."

Is it true that your CD has a song dedicated to Anna?
Enrique: "No, that's a lie. Obvious I write about my life and things that happen to me, but not even to Anna I could tell I wrote a song about her. I'm superstitious about that."

Is there complicity between you guys?
Enrique: "I know perfectly that finding another girl like Anna is almost impossible. But this doesn't mean I'm going to spend the rest of my life with her, I don't know. She said she wants me to be the father of her children, but I don't know if this will happen."

Are you afraid of commitment?
Enrique: "Men usually gets more scared about commitment than women. Wat I feel is that If things are going bad and you're not married it's easier to end the relationship, it will bring a lot of pain, off course, but will be easier. Getting married and having kids requires difficult levels of responsibility."

Do you see yourself as a father?
Enrique: "I love children as long as their not mine. I want to have them in a distant future, because I don't see myself as a father."


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