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Interview at the "Conservation Starts at the Source"-event - New York

June 14, 2007



What are you beauty must-haves?
Anna: "Well, living in Florida, it's very important to have a good sun block. And then having as much zit cream as possible ? it's very important. Always have that with you."

When you pack to go away, what items do you never leave home without?
Anna: "Everything. I'm an over-packer and I bring everything just in case! Who knows what's gonna happen. And, you know, it's always better to have it than not to have it. I really don't know. In two hours from now I could be going to Mexico or something. So I'm kind of like prepared for everything!"

What do you use in your hair? It's so perfect!
Anna: "The trick is not to use too many products. The trick is don't over-dry it. Don't over-style it. Like, right now, I washed it; I blow-dried it a little bit; and then I just put it up in a bun and it stays kind of wavy. And that's it. I don't even have hairspray in it."

What are you wearing?
Anna: "Dina Bar-El dress."

And that gorgeous sparkling jewelry?
Anna: "It's my jewelry. Just my own."

How do you stay in shape - besides playing tennis?
Anna: "Yeah, I play tennis a lot. I work out when I can. You know, I try to eat healthy. But you can't base your life on that. You've got to have days off. You've got to enjoy the good things in life. Otherwise it's not worth living. The most important thing is everything in moderation? I don't like the word diet at all. I like to have a little bit of everything. Whether it's french fries or a salad. I like to have a good balance with everything."

Do you have any fun summer plans with Enrique?
Anna: "I don't really like to plan things. I think spontaneous things are the most fun. And you know sometimes when you don't expect certain things, they come out the best. So, no! And Enrique right now is out promoting his new album, so he's going to be working all summer."





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