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Tennis Week Interview

January 12, 2007



Do you watch women?s tennis? Who do you like watching these days?:
Anna: "To be honest, I really haven't watched so many matches because they don't show them that much on TV and I haven't really travelled to any tournaments so I have not seen any tennis matches recently. I think the last tournament I saw was the U.S. Open, so it's really hard to say. I understand you really have to try to find tennis and it's not just like out there and you can come across it."

You partnered with Martina Hingis to win the 1999 and 2002 Australian Open doubles titles. What are your memories of playing doubles with Hingis and what do you think of her comeback?:
Anna: "I think it's great. It's really exciting and great for tennis to have Martina back and a lot of young players and learn so much just by watching her. She's such an interesting player to watch; tennis is lucky to have her back. Martina's a true champion and a legend and an artist on court so tennis is lucky to have her back because she's great for the game."

Do you still stay in touch with any players on the Tour now?:
Anna: "I am in touch with a few girls and we talk a few times a month and stay in touch."

I saw you play World TeamTennis last summer, I know you play exhibitions and charity events. What are your plans for playing tennis ? either WTT, or exhibitions or maybe even the select tour doubles event ? in the future. Do you want to play? Do you think you will play?
Anna: "I hope to play World TeamTennis again and I think I am most probably going to. But I'm not sure about playing [other events]. It's really very hard to say and maybe one day I will. I really don't know. It's really not something that I see happening in the next month. It's very hard to say because how I feel is that I am always a risk taker and one minute I may want to do something or try something new. I really don't know. I like not planning things and being spontaneous."

What is your primary professional focus now?
Anna: "Working with the Boys and Girls Clubs is the main place where I put my energy and I still do some of the modeling and work with kids and charities. I love playing tennis charity events because it's a way to stay active in the game and gives me a great feeling to give back to people and give my time for great causes. So I always do the World TeamTennis Smash Hits with Billie Jean King and Elton John and friends and I love doing the Arthur Ashe Kids Day before the U.S. Open so when I'm asked to do those tennis exhibitions for charity I enjoy doing them."





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