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Tennis Magazine - November/December 2006-issue (US/Canada)

fall 2006



facing her after-pro life:
Anna: "I'm looking and trying to see what's out there. I feel like I'm coming out of college, definitely having moments where I say, 'What am I going to do?' It is a little bit scary. I may say that I feel like I'm coming out of college but actually it kind of feels like I'm in kindergarten, just starting out with everything ahead of me."

about tennis and what she's missing:
Anna: "For 17 years I was dedicated to my sport and I never tried anything else. I'll always have that competitiveness. I miss that, and the adrenaline rush. It's very difficult to replace that feeling. But I used to play in pain all the time."

meeting Martina Hingis this year (probably at the Nasdaq-100 Open back in March):
Anna: "We talked, just about friends and stuff, before she went off to play. I think it's wonderful that she's back, just incredible."





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