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QUIEN-Interview in Mexico City (OMEGA-event)

November 30, 2005



Anna, the Russian weakness of Enrique was secretly married? Kournikova clarifies it

Before they begin the celebrations of December, Anna Kournikova visited the city of Mexico in order to promote some new models of watches, of which she is a spokesperson. Between the poses of diva for the photographers and a pleasant chatter, the tennis player spoke about her hero Enrique Iglesias and clarified if they are true the constant rumours of a wedding.

Between tortillas, guacamole and nachos

Is this your first visit to the city of Mexico, what were your expectations?
Anna: "I knew that it was an enormous city. Mexico has always been one of my favourite countries. I like the attitude of the Mexicans, the atmosphere and the food, especially the tortillas, the guacamole and the nachos. I have came on vacation to your country in many occasions, to relax and to have fun and i have been in Acapulco, cancun and Cabo San Lucas. I like your beaches, it is a gorgeous country and is close to United States where I live."

The last time you visited Mexico was with Enrique...
Anna: "Yes, we went to the Cabos. We always try to stay in different hotels."

You are together since knowing each other back in 2002, how is your relationship?
Anna: "Great. He is too open, kind and simple and treats everybody with great respect. He has a big heart and he is very funny. There are many thing that i like on him! The respect to other people, the treatment of kindness and politeness to everyone who meets, is one of the best qualities that can be found in a person."

Is it true that you were secretly married?
Anna: "(Laughs). They have married us like a million times. Once in Mexico, the other at Puerto Rico... Supposedly i have been pregnant five times! They say we have three adopted children and stuff like that. They are all rumours that make us laugh."

So then it is false. You have not reached the altar?
Anna: "No. Not now. At this moment we are divorced! (She laughs)"

Have you been ever been married in your life?
Anna: "No. Never."

Then, isn't it true that in 2001 you were secretly married with your now ex-fiance Sergei Fedorov?
Anna: "No. It is like now. I suppose that it is difficult for people to understand that that two persons can be together happy for a long time in a relationship in which there is no need for marriage. Enrique and I are very young: i am 24 years old (he is 30). Those rumours for the wedding are so old and we no long pay attention to them. If sometime we get to marry, why not to tell it? What we decide to do depends on us. I also believe that Enrique was joking with that and people usually think that he was talking seriously when it is not like that. It's his personality. He does that with the press and with all the people."

Joking or not, have you spoken about wedding?
Anna: "Mmmmh.. We talk about everything."

From 2003 you have left pro tennis. What do you do now?
Anna: "I am involved in many projects. Most important now is the one about "Boys & Girls Clubs of America", that is a program for children of four to 18 years old and the bigger youth organization of the country. I also write a column for sports and fitness in the Elle magazine in US and I prepare a DVD with exercises for women which will probably be on sales at the end of 2006 or beginning of 2007. In addition, I am playing many matches in exhibition charities, like those organized by Elton John and the most recent one in Brazil on December 10th with Martina Hingis."

So you don't miss that much the sport...
Anna: "What i miss is the adrenaline, the competition and to play in front of 10 thousand of people. But at the same time, when playing professionally, all the time you are travelling and are under much pressure. Yet, I never wanted to leave professional tennis. The main reason that I had to leave was an injury in the lumbar zone. I love the game, it gave me much and it always have been an essential part of my life."

How is your health condition right now?
Anna: "My back is well now because I am no longer subject to 6 hours of pressure per day. Now I am working out to keep fit, strong and healthy, but not in a professional way, so my body is much better."

You have a beautiful house in Miami, how is a normal day for you?
Anna: "Normally i wake up and I go to make my routine exercises. I return to the house and go to the office for a while. After the lunch I play a little tennis, I return to the house, work a little, give me a massage, I have supper with my friends and go to sleep."

What is the most surprising thing that people don't know about you?
Anna: "That I am more approachable than they believe, very cheerful and loyal. There are many things that people don't know about me because as a professional athlete you must raise an hermetic wall around you and I have been in the middle of the spotlight since I was 10 years old (she began to play at five). Nobody prepares you, at your 16 to be in a room with 30 journalists who ask things. I was just a kid and certainly I said stupid things and the world still remain with that image. But that was 10 years ago and I am not like that now."

What do you like most in your new life?
Anna: "The grown income. Finally I am in charge of my own life and will do what things bring me. Even if I make a mistake is ok, because things are now in my hands and only in that way I will learn."

How did you spend the celebrations of December?
Anna: "I have never celebrated with my family. I have always been travelling, in a hotel room in Hong-Kong or Australia, with other players, trainers and others. Nothing formal. This year I have no plan. My agenda is very busy, so when I have free days, I prefer to be improvising and to see what happens."

What would you like for a gift?
Anna: "Nice, I believe he knows me well enough. I am the one who has problem in choosing his gift! It is very difficult to find a gift for a man, especially if he is so little materialist as Enrique. But I have a great imagination... I will come up with something."

What if he gives you a ring?
Anna: "I already have many rings."

You know at which one I talk about.
Anna: "It is like that, seriously, I have many rings already. Also, you don't need a ring to be happy. You can be happy with or without it and that is not important."





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