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Interview at OMEGA-event in St.Moritz (Switzerland)

January 23, 2004



Two years ago Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova got to know each other. It was during the shooting of the music video "Escape" in which Anna participated, with hot scenes.

Shortly afterwards, both were seen together and although at that time many people announced the end of the pair and also, in the other face of the currency, that has speculated on a possible wedding of these two young people admired internationally, the certain thing is that Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias continue being together and without, at the moment, intention to getting married.

Vacations in the Caribbean

The last images of the pair arrive from the Caribbean, to where they "escaped" from Miami recently (where both reside) to enjoy short vacations. Shortly after these days of sun, Anna flew to Saint Moritz (Switzerland) where she participated in a bobsleigh championship organized by the prestigious Omega company of which she is an ambassador and she sponsored the new clock in St. Moritz, the Coaxial Escape of Omega.

After the competition, the beautiful Russian tennis player spoke about her experience with prince Albert of Monaco, a great fan of this extreme sport, and he was in Saint Moritz to attend the Bobsleigh World Championships which took place the last weekend in the exclusive winter sports resort.

Anna how was the experience to participate in the bobsleigh?
Anna: "It has been a wonderful experience, enchants the speed to me. It has been the first time that I have practiced the bobsleigh but I will do it again. I went very fast and it was quite cold. It has been a fascinating experience."

You said that in January or February it would be determined if you could return to professional tennis or had to retire. How's the state of your injury?
Anna: "My injury goes far better, I am beginning to train and luckily I will be able to return to Tennis in summer."

At professional level or only exhibition matches?
Anna: "Definitively I am going to return to play tennis at professional level when my injury is completely recovered. I must train hard the next two months and later decide in what tournament I will return."

Do you think that your beauty could have been sometimes a 'handicap' when you are playing or in relation with your competitors?
Anna: "I cannot change the way I look. Quick attention is not most important for me. I think that I there will always be people who like me and who don't."

For a long time you have had a very special relation with Spain. When was the first time that you were in our country and what memories do you have?
Anna: "The first time I went to Spain - I believe it was when I was twelve years old and I went to play junior matches. Later I often returned to visit friends of the family, I also have trained in Mallorca several years. I have along history with Spain. Most of the time I passed in Mallorca and I know the Island very well. But Spain is pretty in all the sites. I have never been in Barcelona and I want to go soon."

What did you do these months that you were separated from the tracks that you do normally?
Anna: "I had some more free time but not much because I also had to travel. I've spent more time in my house in Miami, I had time to go to the cinema, be together with my family and friends but I missed travelling. I have missed being in the tournaments in which I participated every year. Every year I went to such tournaments, played the same competitions and in the last months I could not be there. Luckily I will return soon."

And also more time to be with Enrique.
Anna: "Yes, of course."

You both got to know each other two years ago. Who paid attention first to whom?
Anna: "He was mutual."

Love at first sight?
Anna: "I do not believe in love at first sight. It can be attraction at first sight. Love is something I believe you have to know the person better because the word love means respect and confidence and knowing the personality of the person is something much more deeper. It was attraction at first sight."

Do you also know the mother of Enrique, Isabel Preysler?
Anna: "I got to know her long ago. We rarely see each other but she is very nice."

You know that in Spain she is considered to be one of the most elegant women?
Anna: "Yes, I know that. For me she also seems to be very handsome and very elegant."

It is reported that you smile and laugh very much?
Anna: "When I am happy, small things and any idiot makes me laugh. Everything depends on how I feel and it can be a very simple. If I feel happy, I laugh continuously."

How would you define yourself?
Anna: "I am loyal and intelligent and sometimes I am too honest, that's probably my main failure."





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