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Enrique Iglesias Interview from Glamour Magazine (UK-Edition)

January 2004



Are you in love?
Enrique: "I feel perfect right now; better than ever. I was misquoted in an interview, saying that I can never be with a girl for more than one week. That sounded kinda bad; like I said that about here and now. What I said is that I've never been with a girl for more than a week before and now people can see that I've been with Anna for much more than a week, so it's obvious I'm happy."

Are you jealous of the attention Anna gets from the male population?
Enrique: "No, I don't get jealous. If I'm with someone it's because I completely trust them. The minute insecurity or jealousy comes in, it kills the relationship. You should enjoy it and not have to worry about what each other is doing."

Does Anna get jealous of your fans?
Enrique: "No, man, she's the coolest person in the world. She's smart, easy going and beautiful. It's great to be with someone who's up for it when you say at four in the morning "Let's go water skiing". I like women who aren't prissy, who don't mind going to McDonalds DriveThru or doing crazy things. I like women who don't mind getting dirty and I don't mean sexually. No, actually, sexually too! I like them tough and up for anything, but feminine at the same time. I'm not saying I want a butch chick who's going to pick me up and kick my ass!"

You seem to have been more open about your relationship recently.
Enrique: "We don't do public appearances, but in September I had the premiere for Once Upon A Time In Mexico and Anna came with me. Usually I try to keep our relationship as private as possible. It's hard enough to keep a relationship healthy just being 'normal', so imagine how difficult it can be when two famous people start dating."

Those pictures made it into pretty much every magazine and newspaper.
Enrique: "I know. There were some other photos as well. We were just walking on the beach, enjoying each other's company, when this lifeguard pulled up and said "There are paparazzi all over the place." They were hiding in bins so we hadn't seen them. That really threw us because we were trying to have a private moment. People blame us and say we shouldn't be affectionate in public, but we're a couple. What couple doesn't want to be affectionate to each other?"

But you knew there'd be loads of photographers at the film premiere...
Enrique: "[Throws his hands in the air] Of course! But that's the only really public appearance we've made. That and the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. I hear so much bullshit about us, but we have a pretty normal life together. That's why I usually don't even talk about it. I don't know why I'm telling you so much! Relationships can be hard, especially when people speculate about you al the time. But I'm still young, man. I'm not like, y'know..."

So are you going to get hitched?
Enrique: "No way! And I don't mean that because I'm afraid of getting married. I just think these days when you can live with someone first, then why not? I'm not saying that marriage is bad, but the whole of everyone just being there and watching me? Sheesh! The day that I get married, man. I'm getting married in Las Vegas in a drivethrough. Nobody will know about it. My mum will kill me. [Laughs] Now, you watch me get married ten years from now and have a huge wedding an totally contradict myself..."





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