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Anna in Mumbai (India)

November 14, 2003



Anna about her comeback time plans:
Anna: "However, I'm hoping to be fully fit by March next year. I hope I can play some time next year. But till that time I have to deal with it. But when I return I want to play singles as well as doubles. Hopefully I will return to the court by next March. But I will surely miss the Australian Open in January 2004."

Anna about her trip to India:
Anna: "It is been a very fascinating experience for me and I have enjoyed the hospitality of the Indians and their culture has really interested me. I had heard so much about this place, I agreed to come as it is an exciting destination and I also had some free time."

Why still no Singles title on the WTA Tour?:
Anna: "There were all sorts of circumstances for me not to have won a singles WTA title so far. Initially, I was inexperienced and now I am injured but I am sure things will work out for me in near future. I've always been a tennis player and never a full time model. There were all kinds of circumstances. I was too young when I started, then injuries happened. I was playing big players. Sometimes I just lost. These things happen."

What did she do in India during her 4-day-trip?:
Anna: "Many things. I slept, rested, ate and did some work."

More famous celebrity than a tennis player?:
Anna: "I have always been a tennis player, never a model. I do the other thing because of modelling. I never intended it to be this way. It happened, so it happened. I am a person first, a tennis player second, and then a model."

More American than Russian?:
Anna: "But, above all that, I am a global person. I am never in one place for more than a month. Not even at home [in Florida]."





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