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Phone Interview

October 2003



Anna asked what she's wearing:
Anna: "I'm in my hotel room. I'm sitting in a chair. And I have on...hey, what are you wearing?"

Anna about herself:
Anna: "I'm more fun and probably more low key than people think. But I stopped trying to please people a long time ago. I'll never be good enough to please everybody."

Anna about retirement reports from London's Evening Standard:
Anna: "They can write what they want. You know they're always trying to get big headlines in London. I'm not retiring. Right now, I have more time to do other things until my back fully recovers. They sensationalized that and the headline said 'Anna's retiring,' but that's not true. I'm just trying to get fully recovered."

Anna about marketing around her at young age:
Anna: "When I was 16 or 17 I didn't realize what was happening. It was fun and cool at the time."





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