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Eurosport's Interview at Zurich

October 17, 2001



Fotoshooting in Acapulco:
Anna: "It was a lot of fun because I had some time to do it. I had injury obviously. And it wasn't you know in a rush. It was just different and had nothing to do with Tennis and they were just really fun and happy pictures around the ocean and the beach which I love so. It was really exciting."

Tennis passion:
Anna: "The part that I appreciate most is being on the court. When you play a match and you know after a difficult match, after you played well hopefully just think 'Wow,this is great you know I played great. This is what I've been working for, this is what I've been practising for.' So the best part is being on the court. Well I've always known how much I love it. Like I said: The only important thing for me is when I'm actually on the court. That would give me satisfaction when a shot goes well, when a match is won and that's why I'm out here is being on the court. So I never really stopped loving it but you just kind of see it differently. Sometimes it's not the most important thing in life as opposed to health."

Character in movie:
Anna: "Well you know honestly I never really thought, I just like to be myself I guess (laughs). Ahm, I'm really comfortable you know being who I am and that's it."

early years of career:
Anna: "I did not miss out anything. I think that, I KNOW that I was doing what I loved and I really enjoyed it and all I wanted to be you know, all I wanted to do is play Tennis and spent 10 hours on the court and 8 hours on the court and I was doing that. We had our own community,ahm first in Moscow and then at Bolletieris. I had lots of friends in Tennis and we were just all hanging out, playing Tennis, resting and then playing Tennis again and it was a lot of fun and I really missed out on anything. You know I was travelling the world by the time I was 10 years old and eating lots of bubble gum (laughs) and everything so. It was a lot of work but only know when I look at it back and when I was little, when I was 10,12 years old I didn't realize that I was actually working because it was all a lot of fun for me."

What still needs to be done:
Anna: "Like I said before I have to just improve and continue working and everything will come together."

Anna about her Dad:
Anna: "My Dad he's never been a public guy but he's always there, he's always with us and he's never been without us and we've never been without him. Sometimes he stayed home more because he had to work and other than that he's been travelling with us all the time. And he's really calm and really smart cause he's a professor (laughs) and he always thinks first and then makes his decisions."

Anna: "It's my first time not playing for so long since I started playing when I was five. So it's first time that long of a break in 15 years for me. The longest I had before was 3 months and it's way different, 3 and 8 months. So obviously like I said it's gonna be difficult, I know it's going to be difficult but I am getting better with every match."

About Parents:
Anna: "Now I was really lucky that my parents could spent so much time with me opposed to working all the time like a lot of other people. And you know they gave me everything for me to become a tennisplayer which is great, which is why I'm playing and why I'm here today."

Comeback and 2002 aims:
Anna: "You know it's been a little bit frustrating coming back after the injury. It's not easy after 8 months coming back and get into the playing shape right away. I'm trying to get my rhythm back and you know, taking the end of this year as preparation for the next year and looking forward to the next year and starting really strong and getting back into the shape and into position and the level of my game where it was before my injury so hopefully...! You know I will be working really hard these next couple of months and hopefully I'll be there next year. I'm only 20 years old and just trying to get back into the same level where I was before my injury and you know I was in Top 10, I was playing really great and getting up there again and just...I was a little bit unlucky with the timing of the injury but this is sport and stuff like that happens."

Anna about mother Alla:
Anna: "She's a really warm person, she's really open-hearted and you know she does everything there is to be done for me and she's always taking me to a lot of different clubs where I would get the time to play in Russia when it was difficult and my dad was always working. She was just spending a lot of time with me, she wanted me to get better and you know at that time in Soviet Union it was difficult to have something and she thought that if I play Tennis, if I'll be good I'll have a lot of opportunities which people didn't have and plus she saw that I was not bad. I think that she likes also the sport herself. She was an athlete also before and I think both of my parents have done a great job with me, handling me, I'm not very easy sometimes (laughs). I'm just really happy with my family and you know that's all. Those are the only 2 people that will always be there for me and I'm just really proud to have that kind of parents."

Seriousness of Injury:
Anna: "Well it wasn't little injury. It was really big injury and obviously I couldn't walk, I couldn't run, I couldn't play Tennis. I was playing Tennis just sitting on a chair so that was something new. After that you kind of realize what is the most important is being healthy, being able to walk and of course I'm really happy right now that I can run and be on the tenniscourt."

First big memory in Tennis:
Anna: "The most big first memory that I have is the 96 US Open where I had to play qualifying and I qualified and got to the fourth round and lost of Steffi Graf like one and two but it was just an amazing experience. I had to play 7 matches in a row because I played Qualifying. And it was just amazing to be in the main draw of a Grand Slam. I think it was in 96. So that's my first big experience and it was my first Grand Slam also."

Anna: "I don't think it's going to happen right now. I'm really happy that I'm getting back to being healthy and just wanna play and play again."





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