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Entertainment Weekly-Interview about "Basic Elements"




How'd Anna Kournikova Get so Friggin' hot? Maybe it's her workout video, "Basic Elements".

To serve with love

Winning isn't everything-heck, if you're Anna Koutnikova, it isn't anything. The ravishing Russian has never won a major tennis tournament but she still manages to scrape by on gossess-level looks and 10$million she earned in endorsements last year. Kournikova's latest endeavor is Basic Elements, a workout video which promises to take fans "through the barrier and into the power zone". Yikes. The statuesque beauty recently allowed EW to lob some stupid questions her way. - Kristen Baldwin

How many times would I have to do Basic Elements to get as jacked as Jennifer Capriati?
Anna: "Whoa! For that you would probably have to do it a long time-a year and every day."

Your body looks kind of shiny in the video. Did they spritz you with baby oil or something?
Anna: "No..I was actually sweating! I taped the whole thing in one day."

The presse release describes "Basic Elements" as sizzling. In your opinion, what was the most sizzling part?
Anna: "I didn't make up that press release! I'm really serious about exercising. I'm not just doing it for my body to look good. I'm doing it to be strong on the court. I don't know if it's sizzling or what [laughs]."

If you're losing a match, do you ever comfort yourself by looking over the net at your opponent and thinking: "I'm hotter than you ?"
Anna: "No, I don't think that would help much..When I'm on the court, I just think about how to win."

What part of your body do you have to work on the most?
Anna: "I don't think I'd like to talk about the things that I don't like. Then people are going to be looking there and saying "Yes, that's not the way it's supposed to be!""

Even though I'm a heterosexual female, I feel oddly compelled to ask you this: Will you go out with me?
Anna: "This is a weird question."
Anna: "Probably no."





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