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People Sunday - "I'm still a virgin"

December 1999



Tennis babe Anna Kournikova has sensationally revealed she has never had a full love match.

The 18-year-old beauty who set the world of tennis on fire with her sensual looks and sexy clothing has proudly told the world: "I'm still a virgin."

Anna, who flaunts her bra-less figure and loves wearing mini-skirts, has netted millions in endorsing top fashions.

And she has recently been linked with Brazliian soccer superstar Ronaldo and hunky Russian ice-hockey ace Sergei Federov.

Anna says:
Anna: "I do not let anyone even have a peep into my bed. As far as my private life is concerned, there hasn't been anyone in my bed yet, not for love affection. I'm easy-going and sociable enough. Let me choose my friends for myself. Sergei and I have a very nice relationship but what will become of it, only time will show."





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