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Tennis Revue-Interview - "Perhaps I quit when I'm 20"

February 1998



A recently 16-year old Anna Kournikova was in Germany. Tennis Revue was also there and signed some remarkable statements. Anna appeared less arrogant than expected and talked about her future.

What do you like most on being a tennis-pro?
Anna: "I can make my living out of my hobby and I love travelling."

Do you mind that spectators are frequently more impressed by your looks instead of your tennis?
Anna: "If I couldn't play tennis, I wouldn't be where I am now. If I was number 500 on the WTA list, nobody would see me."

If a shampoo-concern should sponsor you on condition that you have to cut your hair, would you do that?
Anna: "No way!!! I want to stay the way I am. If I should cut my hair, that's only because I want to."

How should you describe yourself:
Anna: "I don't because others do that already. I don't like to talk about myself."

Is becoming number 1 at the WTA list your goal for 1998?
Anna: "No, it isn't. I just try to play my best tennis. I'm still young and there's time enough to be number one of the world."

How did you get your new coach Pavel Slozil?
Anna: "I already know him for a long time and he's a good friend. He's got a lot of experience and was a good player. I'm happy with him being around."

What's your weakest point on the court?
Anna: "I contol every stroke but I have to learn to win. At top tennis, everything is about mental power. You can beat a technical better player if you're mentally stronger."

What do you think about the rivalry of Hingis and the Williams sisters?
Anna: "Martina and me, we're good friends. We go to partys together. On the court we're rivals but outside we're friends. That's the same with the Williams sisters altough I've less contact with them."

What do you think about the youthful age of the tennis pro's?
Anna: "When you start early, you can also quit early. Today, you can quit by the age of 25 to start a family. If I've won everything at the age of 20, I could quit then if I want to."

Do you want to start a family?
Anna: "Of course. Every normal human being wants that sooner or later. However, I don't know how many kids I want."

Can you imagine having a boyfriend on the tour?
Anna: "I sure do. To make one thing clear: I don't have a boyfriend right now altough others claim different."

How's your bond with Russia, your country of birth?
Anna: "I'm home a lot because my friends and family live there."

Was it hard to move to Nick Bollettieri in Florida at the age of ten?
Anna: "No. It was very important to go there because Russia doesn't have such an institute. And you can see it wasn't a wrong decision."

Which music do you like?
Anna: "Mostly pop-music and especially Savage Garden."

What do you like to do if you aren't playing tennis?
Anna: "I love a lot of other sports and art. I visit a lot of museums and concerts. I also like Zoo's. I can't sit still because I'm a very active person."

Which injuries did you have already?
Anna: "Last year a had a broken toe. I haven't been injured since."

We wish you a lot of success.
Anna: "Thank you and see you."





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