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Mercedes Cup - Stuttgart (ProAm)
On Tuesday, July 8th, I was lucky to arrive (just in time) in Stuttgart for Anna's special appearance at this year's Mercedes Cup. It was the first time she played Tennis in Germany since October 2001 (Filderstadt-tournament) and also the first time that I saw her again in real life since more than 6 years. So I was MORE than just excited and pretty nervous. Aroung 10 o'clock in the morning, Anna played on "EnBw Court" 2 short ProAm-matches. One of her opponents (beside Barbara Schett in both matches) was german TV host Teo Jaegersberg. The other players I didn't know. Team Anna won one match, Team Barbara the other one. At the end of both small matches, Anna left the court in a quite interesting way: She didn't take the way Barbara and the other players took. Anna climbed over the fence behind her bench, signed a few more autographs, posed for another picture and walked off the tournament site. At 11 o'clock in the morning, Anna was gone for the moment but she came back in the afternoon...

Details from me: When I arrived at Stuttgart, it was 9am in the morning but then I really got lost in the city traffic and didn't find the way to the Killesberg/Messe Area where the tournament is located. I even left Stuttgart again via motorway and was successful in my 2nd attempt where I took a different exit from the motorway and I even bought a city map at a gaz station. I finally arrived at the tournament site at 10:04am...! Plus: I didn't knew that Stuttgart already is a city with a "Umweltzone" (environmental protection area) where your car has to have a certain badge according to the exhaust gas that comes out of it! I didn't have such a badge and when I first came into the city, I really passed a traffic control but luckily, my car wasn't picked out of the traffic and wasn't controlled.

Pictures are VidCaps from the HD video I shot - resolution: 1920x1080 px

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proam081.JPG | 1920x1088 px | 249.41 KB
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